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RuiDa laser vision cutting control system

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Product Name: RuiDa laser vision cutting control system
Supply Ability:
Specifications Curve movement speed ampunts to more than 15 m/min;
Price Term:
Port of loading: shenzhen
Minimum Order 1 set
Unit Price:
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Support for visual positioning based on template matching: for better quality, almost no deformation of the woven label, can carry out precise positioning cutting;

Support based on contour extraction of vision positioning: for each cutting object real-time extraction of contour, and shrink inward or outward expansion set distance, then cutting, this technology can solve the problem of cutting the object deformation;

Support two positioning: to cut oversize processing object. The scheme can solve the processing objects within the camera one screen at a time can't take photos completely and cannot well deal with problem;

Roll on or longer woven label products, automatic feeding, material feeding system can greatly facilitate the user's use, greatly improve production efficiency;

The camera can be equipped with 1.3 million and 3 million pixels, different size processing object to meet the demand of the cutting;

High performance speed predictive algorithm and trajectory planning function, cutting speed, curve movement speed more than 15 m/min;

Laser power according to cutting speed automatic adjustment, which can guarantee the cutting intensity is consistent;

Multi-usage: this system support equipment can also be used as ordinary laser cutting machine. Computer woven label, heterotypic trademarks and all kinds of craft embroidery and fabric printing precise camera positioning cutting etc. Nonmetal special shape design.

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